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Thank You for Visiting M y Webpage!  Feel free to click the links below and explore what I have to offer

Thank You for Visiting
My Webpage! Feel free to
click the links below and
explore what else I have
to offer!

Becoming More Spritual
If sprituality is something you want here is a way to get started. Pray this prayer daily or whenever you feel stressed. Have faith that Jesus will make himself known to you.

Dear Jesus

In this moment I surrender to you all my thoughts;
All my fears of the future yet to be;
All my hurts and anger held in;
All my memories of lies I was taught to believe;
All my denials, defenses, judgments, and wrong intentions.

In my surrender.
I ask for refuge protection and love;
I ask to feel the power of Your Being;
I ask forgiveness for the thoughts, words, and deeds I have
done that displease You
I ask that You to keep me aware of who I really am...
a person of worth, value and importance created in Your image.

I come to you desiring nothing other than You fill my
heart, mind and spirit with love and mercy.
Hold me safe in Your loving arms and let me feel Your
strength and safety every day.

I dedicate my being to honoring You and
doing Your will in my life.
I ask for help so I can reflect Your love to others.
Gently remind me that my mistakes are lessons
from which I can learn deeper truths.
Keep me in a state of forgiveness and shield me from
the hate and resentment that wants to rule my life.

Thank You for Your loyalty and faithfulness.
Constantly reassure me that You will never reject or abandon me.
Whisper in my ear each day so I feel Your presence.
Walk before me so my enemies cannot hurt me.
Allow no want, feeling, thought or desire to separate us.
Give me a sense of hope that I might be a source of
encouragement and compassion to those in need.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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